Screw-Retained Non-Removable Restoration

This technique uses implants that are placed at mechanical inclinations to maximize support of the final restoration. The use of angled implant placement allows us to avoid anatomical areas that previously would require bone grafting. Eliminating the need for bone grafting saves months in healing times, minimizes the number of procedures, and thus lessens the overall postoperative discomfort. With this procedure, there is an evaluation in our office. Your dentist will fabricate a temporary denture to be inserted at surgery when the teeth are removed. After several weeks of healing, the implants are placed. Once they are integrated, your dentist will fabricate the final screw-retained non-removable final restoration.  

Most patients enjoy no coverage of the roof of the mouth as they would have with a conventional denture and they like the fact that like natural teeth, the restoration is not removable. We are excited to make this option available to our patients. These can be done with both the upper and lower teeth.

Please call our office at Falls Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center Phone Number 330-929-2808 for any questions about Screw-Retained Non-Removable Restorations or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Barnes or Dr. Rollins.

/> Diagram of a screw retained restoration back view Diagram of a screw retained restoration front view Screw retained restoration prototype showing top teeth